Professional Timeline

I wouldn’t call it a career. More like a bunch of things that caught my interest over time, and made me start something.


Biodome Games

June 2017 - present

Biodome Games is the third (fourth) company I start with Tobias, and this time we’re doing it very different than what we’ve done before.


Cape Copenhagen

November 2007 - June 2017

Cape was founded as Space Time Foam in November 2007 with Tobias Thorsen. Later Brian Meidell joined as an equal partner. 

Cape was a mobile-focused ad game consultancy studio

We went out of business with Cape in June 2017, just shy of our 10 year anniversary, following 18 months of unfortunate events, and years of non-optimal management choices (yes, I was part of the management team).

While the company was alive, we produced around 65 games for domestic and international clients, as well as a handful of proprietary titles.



August 2000 - November 2007

Founded in 2000 with Tomas Landgreen Titoonic was the first 'real' company I was part of. Starting out with a vague idea of making "animation for the web", we more or less accidentally ended up doing Flash based web games. 

Against all odds the company survived the .com fallout and shortly after, the aftermath of 9/11, a severe loss due to a client's bankruptcy.

Titoonic grew to a staff about 30 people at the peak. During the years I was with the company, it shipped more than 100 games. The majority of these Flash-based branding games for a wide range of international clients.

I left the company in April 2007 to form Space Time Foam, that went onto become Cape Copenhagen.

Titoonic went bankrupt in February 2009 in the wake of the financial crisis and a series of very unfortunate events. 


A Film

May 1998 - July 2000

making commercials

Help I’m A Fish web site

Stuff in water



1995 - June 2000

My first

twc renders


Personal Work Timeline

I've started and stopped new projects a million times, and sometimes I feel like my life consist of an endless chain of unfinished works, that spawn new unfinished works.


Learned At Work

2011 - Present

One of the few of these projects that are publicly available is

I don't have any formal education besides college, majoring in languages. The rest of the time I've been learning by doing, and - not least - by not doing.

Along the way, I realized, that I learn best from snack-sized nuggets or one-liners that I can repeat in my head. is/was my attempt at collecting some of these nuggets, and passing them on...

Go see for yourself at



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